Postdoc Position – RNA biology INSERM / Université Paris Saclay, France

Applications are invited for a 2-years postdoctoral position in the field of RNA splicing in the
laboratory SABNP / University of Paris Saclay, France.
The research in our group aims at better understanding the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing
in mammals by combining molecular biology, bioinformatics and cell biology. In particular,
our recent findings support the possibility that liquid-liquid phase separation contribute to
splice site recognition (EMBO Rep (2019)20:e47604).
The successful applicant will uncover and study novel interactions among splicing factors
through bioinformatics, biochemical and functional analyses. Tacking advantage of available
RNA-seq datasets, the applicant will search for functional interactions by correlation
analyses. The corresponding physical interactions will be further explored using biochemical
techniques and in vivo analyses of splicing. These novel interactions are of potential
importance to understand cell transformation driven by splicing factors mutations.
Candidate: The ideal candidate has a French and international research experience. He/she is
an ambitious and highly motivated individual with interest in RNA biology, gene expression
and data processing.
Laboratory: The SABNP laboratory is part of the prestigious university Paris-Saclay. The
lab focuses its research on the structure and function of RNA:Protein complexes with the aim
to foster applications in medicine and biotechnology. To that end, the SABNP laboratory
develops an integrative approach encompassing structural biology, bioinformatics and cell
biology to enlighten the role of RNA-binding proteins related to cancer and
neurodegenerative diseases.
Gross salary: 3,600 euros
Contact: For application, please provide a full CV and a
cover letter.
Position open until: 05/30/2020